Audi A6 Avant unveiled

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New generation, same content


Audi launched a brand new generation A6 in the finish of Feb. The brand adds the A6 Avant towards the portfolio.

Audi is busy using the renewal of their model range. Following the presentation from the new A8 in This summer this past year, the planet grew to become knowledgeable about the brand new A7 in October. In Feb of the year a brand new generation from the A6 made an appearance, a vehicle which has only been proven in saloon form up to now. That’s altering now: this is actually the A6 Avant.

This variant from the A6 isn’t shocking obviously. Also regarding luggage space, the brand new A6 Avant doesn’t show an uplifting side. Actually, the baggage compartment remains at 565 liters comparable to those of its predecessor. Individuals who toss the backseat will be able to carry 1,680 liters of bags. We discover that quantity of liters around the specs listing of the prior A6 Avant. The additional centimeters the elevated wheelbase offers the inside from the A6, therefore, help the passengers within the rear seat.

Audi wants the A6 Avant something sportier on the market, that is reflected amongst other things in bigger alloy wheels. Rather of copies in sizes 16 to twenty inches, they now measure 17 to 21 inches. Striking may be the relatively flat rear window. It’s mounted inside a tailgate that’s now electrically standard as standard.

The station wagon can be obtained in the dealers following the summer time. Awaiting the inevitable S6 and RS6 Avant takes much more time.

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