AVTOVAZ has suspended production of Lada Vesta

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AVTOVAZ has suspended production of Lada Vesta

Recall that the Lada Vesta collected on site Izhevsk Lada, where he faced failure in the supply of components. Tore production process of the Nizhny Novgorod Autocomponent, which, without notice, did not fulfill the contract for the supply of components.

The company has already cancelled one shift and neprosteno 285 cars due to the lack of warehouses Izhevsk Lada fuel tanks.

“The factory is making every effort to normalize the supply,” — said the Agency TASS representative of the press service of AVTOVAZ.

Curiously, and without disruption of supplies of Lada Vesta may be a deficit on the Russian market. In March, many dealers complained that the company does not open the quota for the may sales. In this April quota was much less than had been requested by the dealers. Now the situation could deteriorate further.


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