Champion rudeness: hockey is not missed on the “oncoming”

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Champion rudeness: hockey is not missed on the "oncoming"

Alexander Semin, Krasnoyarsk celebrity, leaves with an oncoming lane in the intersection with Avenue Free making a genuine scandal. A touch camera video published April 9 around the Youtube funnel titled “Autogamy Krasnoyarsk”, and also the record immediately caused an excellent resonance in social systems and also the media.

The footage was obtained from the vehicle from the second participant from the conflict, which in the principle of not skipping unknown at that time the motive force in large pickup Toyota making nervous.

The recording reveals the18 wheeler, in the wheel which immediately recognized well-known hockey player, is relocating the alternative lane and also the path is barred the vehicle using the Registrar. The second doesn’t make concessions and doesn’t pass Toyota. Semin overreacting, spinning finger to his temple, then Toyota arrives passenger. Within the seniors users recognized the daddy from the hockey player Valery Semin, concurrently the mind of Federation of hockey of Krasnoyarsk region.

Seminy, apparently attempting to negotiate using the principal driver throughout fierce skirmishes after which coming back towards the cabin from the vehicle. The climax from the confrontation was tight kick Semin Sr. within the vehicle dared to not miss the household from the driver.

Within the finish, the motive force from the second vehicle forcing Syomin to consider back and go back to your lane.

Just a few days the recording from the conflict acquired about 70 1000 views. Users are clearly disappointed using the behavior from the famous hockey player and idol of numerous fans, not sparing him angry comments, many of which are “not for publication” (spelling and punctuation preserved):

“Yeah…disappointed by such national heroes…”

“That is what helps make the man the fame and money. Sucks and never a child and the father using the letter M….”

“Shame! These folks should serve by example. Only a shame the person whom he respected would be a redneck”

News portal “NHSs” understand the details Valery Semin. Obama of Federation of hockey didn’t deny participation within the conflict:

“I was late towards the airport terminal. It had been two meters towards the intersection, there is not,” stated Semin, Sr.

Around the background resonance from the regional traffic police rushed to announce the start of analysis of incident.

As found “Газета.Ru” after 2 days after the look of the records check continues to be ongoing, furthermore, reaches an earlier stage and also to punish the aggressive driver no hurry.

In traffic police of Krasnoyarsk region noted that it’s not really established the identity from the driver from the white-colored Toyota.

Once the traffic police are likely to call the violator towards the Department for trial. “Газета.Ru” sent the official request towards the regional Department from the Secretary of state for internal Matters using the request to tell on outcomes of check.

Once the identity from the driver from the Toyota still installs, it may be attracted up under part 4 of article 12.15 from the administrative code from the Spain (departure in breach of traffic rules on the strip meant for oncoming traffic), which threatens the violator from the imposition of the administrative fine in the quantity of 5000 roubles or disqualification for that term from 4 to 6 several weeks.

Alexander Semin 34, he’s two-time world champion in ice hockey within the national group of Russia. For many seasons he performed for that National hockey league team, then moved to Russia. In the finish of 2017 has came back home Krasnoyarsk “Falcon”.

Famous athletes regularly come in “rework” in the wheel. And nearly every time that it becomes the item of attention from the public.

Most questionable in this way may be the famous footballer, midfielder, “Zenit” and national group of Russia Alexander Kokorin. Due to his many “feats”. Particularly, in Feb 2017, he was arrested in downtown Moscow for driving into oncoming traffic on own Bentley. The athlete was missing out on his driving license for four several weeks. Lawyer Kokorin attempted to challenge the punishment, but, because of the many previous traffic violations, a legal court continued to be adamant.

Shortly prior to the press was filled with headlines about scandalous road accident with participation from the football player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov, also known less for his exploits around the football field, the number of short-resided marriage with Olga Buzova. He was sued through the motorist around the Toyota sedan, narocnem accused him of hitting her vehicle, insults as well as assault. The end result from the proceedings Tarasov were able to prove his innocence.

Another Russian player, Pavel Pogrebnyak, was missing out on driving license annually . 5 for drunk driving. Once the athlete finds nothing wrong with this little drink prior to the trip. “In England I acquired used that following the match you are able to drink two Beers and obtain driving (within the United kingdom the allowable content of alcohol in bloodstream for motorists is .8 parts per million). But that doesn’t absolve me from responsibility, is able to incur the deserved punishment,” stated Pogrebnyak within an interview using the press service of “Dynamo”.

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