Delivery truck in the Netherlands is getting older on average

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Also more orderers privately possession


A van which was being used within the Netherlands this past year was typically eight years of age, about 2 yrs over the age of this year. That reports the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

The typical chronilogical age of a delivery van within the Netherlands has therefore elevated by 25 % when compared with 2010. Statistically Netherlands, this increase is partially because of the reduced sales of recent orders because of the outbreak from the financial crisis in 2008.

The CBS wouldn’t be the CBS if it didn’t still liven up its communication with interesting figures concerning the Nederlander van fleet. For instance, now that we know that 851,000 delivery vans were of a business early this past year. 96 percent of the amount of company delivery vans has – how can it be otherwise – a diesel engine underneath the hood. Orderers who’re registered by government departments and firms within the energy sector as well as in the general public administration sector would be the youngest by having an average chronilogical age of 4.1 and 5.nine years correspondingly. Copies held by companies active in agriculture, forestry and fishing (11.1 years) and culture sports and entertainment (10.8 years) are typically considerably older.

Additionally up to the more than 850,000 buyers within the having a business, 94,400 delivery vans were registered in the private individuals at the begining of 2017. Time is 38 percent greater compared to 2010. The typical chronilogical age of a personal delivery van was 16 at the outset of this past year.

Within the Randstad, delivery vans are more youthful typically than outdoors. The greater urban the region, the low the typical age. The earliest orderers take presctiption Vlieland and Terschelling. Delivery vans are typically 14 and 13 years of age correspondingly.

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