Diesel ban Hamburg postponed

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First German city is waiting for a while


Diesel ban Hamburg postponed

The German diesel on a better quality of air in cities is a matter of concern. At the end of April, Hamburg would be the diesels ban would take effect, but we will wait a little longer.

The end of February was the day: the federal administrative court gift for the diesel and lorries. Each city is tested and approved for vehicles that do not meet the most current Euro 6 standard (roughly before 2014) are excluded from the cities. After the German court ruled that cities may or may have to go impatiently, Hamburg went to such a measure. At the end of April, two older diesels in two streets of the city would no longer be allowed: a section of the Max-Brauer Allee and a stretch of the Stresemannstraße. Now according to the Welt, it seems that Hamburg waits a month until the judges in Leipzig have approved concrete measures.

In addition to Hamburg, Stuttgart also wants to work with the diesel ban this year. The expectation is that many cities will opt for a more gradual introduction, but that does not meet the Euro 6 standards are no longer welcome in many places. In order to respond to the new legislation, German importers come up with playful campaigns.

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