Discounts on penalties will be extended. And what will the Post of Russia say?

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Discounts on penalties will be extended. And what will the Post of Russia say?

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The Russian government approved the idea to extend the possibility of paying a fine with a 50 percent discount for more than 20 days provided by law. True, the extension will only work if the Russian Post takes responsibility.

To use the established discount after the termination of the period indicated in the Administrative Code, it will be possible in those cases when the driver does not manage to do it within 20 days for valid reasons.

Most often among these reasons is the delivery "letters of happiness" with a delay due to the fault of the postal services: this was the situation in the autumn of last year, an occasion for a lengthy trial in the judiciary.

A deputy of one of the districts of Moscow, Yuri Reinhimmel, received a letter of late payment and, thus, having lost the opportunity to take advantage of the discount, initiated the trial. In its course, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the car owner, a direct consequence of which was the draft amendments to the Administrative Code, already approved by the Government. The next stage in the development of the situation is the adoption of the draft amendments by the State Duma.

It is worth noting that the possibility of paying a half penalty does not apply to all penalties. The list of those for which a 50 percent discount is not effective includes, for example, a number of penalties for repeat offenders, norms related to driving in a state of intoxication and violations that resulted in harm to health.

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