Driving impression: Ford Mustang

Driving impression: Ford Mustang

April 28, 2018 09:49

Thanks in part to the unfavorable tax climate, the Ford Mustang will not become a sales leader in our country. Completely understandable, but at the same time eternally sin. Because the combination of an open roof and an atmospheric V8 gives the American a unique character.

Thanks to the ubiquitous turbo you almost forget how good an atmospheric power source can be. The 5.0-liter V8 in the nose of the new Ford Mustang reminds you of its traditional advantages: direct throttle response, the feeling of overwhelming reserve and … that sound! The brutal soundtrack of the new active exhaust surpasses every turbo engine in intensity, experience and beauty. From a deep, threatening rumble through a rattling middle piece to a shuddering crescendo when the eight-cylinder engine has its highest 2,000 revolutions. There the 5.0-liter also fully realizes the promise of 450 hp. Contrary to what you would expect from an American, it keeps engine of touring to make. At 4,000 the hallway comes in, at 7,000 he only delivers his maximum power. The soundtrack maximizes the experience, making the cabriolet with the hood open faster than the numbers promise: 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and a top of 250 km / h are not values ​​to be ashamed of. At the same time, the necessary steps were taken to increase efficiency. The existing multipoint injection is accompanied by direct injection and a new tensile machine has to ensure that the engine remains better in its optimal working area.

With the hood open and a quiet driving style the transmission effortlessly juggles with the move, so you like driver have no idea in what gear the machine is. If things go really fast, ten gears turn out to be a bit of a good thing. Sometimes the software just doubts too long or the bin suddenly shuts back a little bit in a quick bend, which does not always happen subtly. Then you can of course opt for switching by hand, but pinballing between ten gears will keep you busy.


While you also have to keep your attention in the steering, because the speed potential ensures that you often end up indecently hard on a bend. The new adaptive shock absorbers guarantee that the Mustang, despite its mass, goes through the bend quite flat and the boundary is a lot further than you think at first. The insensitive steering and the lack of rigidity in the carriage caused by the open roof do not give you much confidence and the considerable size and mass make you feel a bit like the driver from a speedboat in a tight ditch. Prick through, however, dare once harder than you think wise and the chassis appears to have unexpected reserves and a nice, predictable balance when the boundary comes into view. A purebred sports car is not the Mustang, for that the brakes are too heavy, but the pony car is more than just show.

Speaking of show: the Mustang is full of it. Not only the appearance and the powertrain, but also in the form of a lot of playful gadgets and options. The new digital tools, for example, that all kinds of different configurations can be shown, but also a collection of so-called TrackApps. This includes, among other things, two different types of launch control and the much-discussed line lock. Switch it on and the front brakes hold the Mustang in place, while the rear brakes nothing to do. Then give a toef gas and you lay down smoke curtains that for a bit scandalous as being great.


To keep the fun affordable, concessions have been made. The interior of the European versions has indeed been upgraded compared to the American, but still can not compare with that of Porsche or Mercedes-AMG. This also explains the relative lack of stiffness in the chassis. You get a lot of true in the Mustang, but that is easy to keep affordable. In that sense it is a different kind of car than we know in Europe. A car that looks like a sports car sounds like a sports car and drives like a sports car, but costs less than a sports car. Unfortunately, the latter is not entirely in the Netherlands, because by the shocking bpm the Mustang with V8 under the line is as expensive as a Mercedes-AMG. That is less complete, but technologically a lot further. You can circumvent that problem by going for the 2.3 Ecoboost (from € 59.099), but then the American icon will lose some of its luster. Because of course it is good that cars with a practical use of 1 in 7 are discouraged, but yet the Mustang sneaks into your heart precisely because of that V8 (no indication price). Maybe not on quality, but on character.


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  • +Appearance
    • -Doubting machine
  • -Finishing interior
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