Firm Nissan invited the British solar power

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Firm Nissan invited the British solar power

Leonid Popov, 10 hours ago. Photo: Nissan

According to the developers, the average British family living in a separate house and consumes 4500 kWh per year, with the new system can not only charge the electric car (e.g. Nissan Leaf), but also reduce electricity bills by 66%.

Opponents of electric cars often speak about the lack of electricity for them. But supporters have at least one interesting answer: solar panels on the roof of a private cottage. From them you can during the day to charge the stationary storage, and at night gathered energy to light the house and charge an electric car. And sometimes such a solution “turnkey” offers the automaker. For example, the company Nissan. At the end of last year, it launched a similar scheme in Japan, and the product is now called Nissan Energy Solar appeared on the UK market.

Firm Nissan invited the British solar power

Set Nissan Energy Solar is a fully-integrated: there are provided a set of solar panels, a battery xStorage Home management system home energy, allowing you to control and track the flow of electricity from the solar panels into the buffer and consumers in the home and electric car.

The minimum set is 3881 pound sterling (324 800 rubles) and provides a mounting on the roof, six solar panels. By the way, the number and model can be choose. Peak power (at solar noon) one panel ranges from 275 to 320 W, and the panels are warranted at 25 years and the claimed 40 year life. Then you can choose to increase the performance of this personal stations, and its ability to save energy.

Firm Nissan invited the British solar power

Home buffer uses lithium cells, identical to those used in an electric car. It warranted for up to ten years (depending on certain conditions).

We will add that system to Japanese buyers as a whole are identical, but it uses a different payment system: people will give money only for these panels generated electricity, and at a reduced rate, and the plant itself will deliver him for free. All these sets are a step towards closer integration of electric vehicles and home energy systems and home. After all communication with the machine can be bi-directional: traction battery and you can charge and use as an emergency power source and as a buffer to smooth out loads in the local power grid. The last function, you can even earn money.

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