First impressions of the new crossover BMW X2

On pictures 2018 BMW X2 produces a mixed impression. But one can say with certainty that “x second” is not similar to any of the current models BMW.

Due to the bright colors of the new model of the Bavarian company looks favorably on any background. And can liven up the dull landscape of withered grass and leafless trees.

First impressions of the new crossover BMW X2

The dimensions of the 2018 BMW X2

The appearance of the 2018 BMW X2 cool disguises the true size of the crossover. Therefore, the word “baby” to the 2018 BMW X2 can be used with great reserve. Yes, and the most compact crossover of the brand it also will not name. After all, at length, he even surpasses the familiar BMW X1.

First impressions of the new crossover BMW X2

All in a non-trivial Bavarian company’s design. It is fresh and yet strange. Whether it is the main idea and other auto companies, time will tell.

But the emblem on the rear pillar of the body sends into the past of the Bavarian company, when such an element adorned sports cars. And the 2018 BMW X2 may be the sporting the M Sport package.

But got it and a completely new M Sport package X, which is very to face, albeit compact, but the crossover with sporty genes. Such our car.

The price of the 2018 BMW X2

Petrol version:

  • X2 BMW sDrive18i from 968 959 UAH.*
  • SDrive20i BMW X2 1 124 273 UAH.*
  • BMW xDrive20i X2 1 192 728 UAH.*

The diesel version:

  • BMW sDrive18d X2 1 034 384 UAH.*
  • BMW xDrive18d X2 1 101 548 UAH.*
  • BMW xDrive20d X2 1 193 249 UAH.*
  • BMW xDrive25d X2 1 364 414 UAH.*

* 10.04.2018 G.

But as far as sports can be the 2018 BMW X2 depends on its powertrain. We test-drive BMW X2 xDrive20d with 2-liter turbodiesel producing 190 HP and all-wheel drive.

“The price of the 2018 BMW X2 is largely dependent on the powertrain, but even more – to equipment!”

Fuel consumption BMW X2 2018

This modification may well be the “Golden middle” on the performance of acceleration to 100 km/h and fuel consumption. First leg of the journey I managed to drive at a leisurely pace with an index of less than 4.5 liters per hundred.

First impressions of the new crossover BMW X2

Great figure! Here only the engine pleases the pressure from low revs and allows easy to accelerate while maneuvering, which I really difficult to force myself to travel frugally.

I dare say that at the end of the test, this figure will be twice more. After all, despite its compact size the 2018 BMW X2 fully representative of the Bavarian brand. The first meters he is sharp and sensitive steering wheel.

Familiar and firm, a little harsh suspension, elastic work out the bumps. And equipment neither is inferior to “adult” crossover.

First impressions of the new crossover BMW X2

Once you see the car head-up display and touchpad data entry for navigation system and iDrive.

Luxury seats with power adjustable side support and adjustable popliteal cushion amazingly comfortable.

First impressions of the new crossover BMW X2

Choosing a radio station or a subscriber in the phone are voice or output the list directly on the windshield.

About the dangerous approach of another car rear reversing sensors warn not only, but also included camera.

So in the class of compact crossovers in the premium segment, the Bavarian company now with two cars piled on top of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Audi Q3, Range Rover Evoque and the Infiniti QX30.

However, the class is getting smaller all the time. And soon we plan to tell you about that show test drives of the Volvo XC40 and Jaguar E-Pace, which is already sold in Ukraine.

Details on how and that showed test drive BMW X2 in 2018, we will soon tell. Follow the publications.

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