For the Crimean bridge: the UK launched a case against a US journalist

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For the Crimean bridge: the UK launched a case against a US journalist

The Investigative Committee expectedly reacted harshly to the article of American journalist Tom Rogan. A scandalous publication calling for an attack on the Crimean bridge became an excuse for instituting criminal proceedings.

“May 15, 2018 in the Russian Federation was solemnly opened car traffic on the Crimean bridge, connecting the Crimean and Taman peninsula. This event was widely covered by the mass media, including foreign mass media. In particular, US citizen Tom Rogan published an article on his website entitled “Ukraine should blow up Putin‘s Crimea bridge “(Ukraine needs to blow up the Crimean bridge of Putin), which was also posted on the website of the weekly magazine”Washington Examiner “, calling on Ukraine to undermine the Crimean bridge by bombing,” the official communication Investigative Committee. –

According to the investigation, in this article by Tom Rogan, placed in the public domain on the Internet, signs of public calls for terrorist activities on the territory of the Russian Federation with the goal of destabilizing the activities of the authorities of the Russian Federation

and the impact on their decision-making, that is, the commission of a crime under Art. 205 of the Criminal Code. “

Under this article of the Criminal Code, or rather its first point, the American threatens from 10 to 15 years of imprisonment.

“At present, the investigation has appointed a comprehensive psycho-linguistic examination, other investigative actions are being carried out aimed at establishing all the circumstances of this crime. At the same time, a pre-investigation check is conducted against the editor of the weekly Internet magazine “Washington Examiner “on the fact of publication of the mentioned article by Tom Rogan”, – noted in the department, making it clear that the number of persons involved in the case in the near future may increase.

Earlier Rogan’s material was sharply criticized at the Russian embassy in the United States.

“May 15 edition of The Washington Examiner published a provocative article by Rogan with calls to blow up the Crimean bridge. Such publications do not fit into any framework of journalistic ethics. Expect from The Washington Examiner explaining how much this material reflects his editorial policy, “- said in a statement of the Russian embassy on May 16. The embassy stressed that “freedom of speech can not serve as an excuse for calling for a terrorist act and killing people.”

“We consider this material as a reflection of the true intentions of a certain part of the Washington establishment, which continues the line of inciting hatred and enmity between Ukraine and Russia,” added the embassy.

In the same statement, diplomats actually announced the criminal prosecution of Rogan.

“The Russian legislation provides for the possibility of criminal prosecution of persons who make public appeals to carry out terrorist activities, publicly justifying terrorism, propagating terrorism,” the statement said.

Shortly before the statement of the Investigative Committee of Russia, a scandalous article on Thursday was forced to comment on and presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“This can be assessed as insanity, I would even say that this is an ugly manifestation of low-quality journalism, but bordering on calls that it is worthwhile to pay attention to law enforcement agencies, including the United States of America,” the Russian presidential press secretary said. .

Recall that in his material Rogan argues that the strike on the bridge could inflict the air force of Ukraine. In his opinion, the country’s armed forces have the means to make the facility at least temporarily useless for use. The author is confident that such actions will allow Ukraine to reach several goals, including propaganda ones. The article also contains harsh criticism of Vladimir Putin, whom Rogan presents a number of serious but unproven charges, and criticizes the high costs of building a bridge.

The bridge to Crimea was opened on May 15. The solemn ceremony was held with the participation of the head of state, who drove on the bridge behind the wheel of “KamAZ” at the head of the truck column.

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