In Russia, recalled a lot of unsafe Lexus and toyot

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In Russia, recalled a lot of unsafe Lexus and toyot

Problems with the airbags — the most common cause of car reviews in recent years. This time in service to check go 7638 Toyotas and Lexus of the above-mentioned models, the list of their VIN can be downloaded on the website of Rosstandart, there is quoted the description of the defect detected:

“The reason for the revocation is the likelihood of exfoliation of the insulating layer in integrated circuits data sensors on vehicles equipped with an airbag system that includes pressure sensors and/or acceleration sensors. This defect leads to the creation of an open circuit in the chip. In the event of such a situation in the car dashboard will turn on the warning lamp of system of pillows of safety SRS. Upon further operation of the vehicle in this state, the side airbags or curtain airbags may not be activated”.

Mechanics authorized service centers and Lexus Toyota free for car owners to check the airbag sensors and if necessary replace them.

  • In December last year in Russia to replace the front airbag was recalled SUVs Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX.
  • In September 2017 defective airbags was changed to sold in Russia pickups Toyota Hilux.
  • With other pledges automakers surveys campaigns can be found here.
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