In Ukraine the State program of improving road safety until 2020

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In our country, according to Mr. Omelyan, the accident killed 11 people every day. And this is twice more than in EU countries. Therefore, the main goal of the State program until 2020 to reduce deaths on our roads by 30%.

For 2017 in Ukraine were more than 162 thousand accidents

The maximum speed in cities is now 50 km/h

In accordance with the State program going to achieve carrying out actions in four main fields: infrastructure, education, oversight and control, and also emergency care.

In Ukraine the State program of improving road safety until 2020

Most of the funds allocated in the State program on infrastructure security. In particular, 1.16 billion UAH. 500 ring junctions. According to AUTO-Consulting, it can really give the real effect. But only if, as in the EU, at all (!) the so-called flower beds, the advantage will be to have the driver who is inside. Because today in Ukraine, despite the fact that last year we adopted the unified Rules of journey of intersections with circular movement, a ‘flower’ is still what is called live my life by its laws.

In Ukraine changed the rules of journey of crossroads with a circular motion

In Ukraine the State program of improving road safety until 2020

930 mln. the State programme provides for 500 of the Islands at the entrances to settlements. It is effective and proven in Europe a way to force negligent drivers to reduce speed when entering the town.

1.16 billion UAH. does the Program include safe pedestrian crossings (6432 PCs). 150 million UAH. – 1,500 pedestrian crossings with illuminated panels. 259 million UAH. – at the elimination of 109 places of concentration of road accident. 435 mln. – 258 km new barrier fencing. And 60 million UAH. 15 000 new traffic signs.

In Ukraine the State program of improving road safety until 2020

With regard to educational and awareness-raising activities, these functions are, in the opinion of Volodymyr Omelyan, should carry out massive advertising. Its main messages – a reasonable speed, seat belts, avoiding alcohol while driving, and mandatory use of car seats. How much money it planned, not reported. But, regardless of budget, in matters such advertising the main thing – creativity and persuasiveness. Primitive rollers, designed for the “use of funds” can have the opposite effect.

Among the main measures to increase state control over safety on the roads – the system and the cameras automatic commit violations of traffic rules. And not only on roads, and in patrol cars. As well as the acquisition alkotesterov. This State program it is planned UAH 1.3 billion. That is, drivers should prepare for the fact that their violations will be able to record directly from the police car. Which, as before, the traffic police, hiding in ambush.

In Ukraine the State program of improving road safety until 2020

Measures for emergency care in the state Program is 1.8 billion UAH.

It is very important that the Program provides for the collection of statistical data on accidents and analysis of their causes. This will help make better use of allocated funds. Another positive point – Mr. Omelyan confident that the processes of reconstruction of roads, and increase safety they should go hand in hand.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman promises that it will. According to him, this year for the maintenance of roads was laid down a record budget. And clear responsibility for their content. For local roads, the length of which 123 thousand km, allocated 35% of the total Road Fund. State roads, the length of which 46 985 km, allocated 60% of the Road Fund. And the remaining 5% of the Road Fund, will be directed to road safety.

In Ukraine the State program of improving road safety until 2020

It should be noted that speaking about the deplorable condition of our roads, Mr. Omelyan worried that when they are repaired, drivers will immediately begin to exceed the speed limit. And then the consequences of an accident can be even worse than it is now.

The Verkhovna Rada has allowed the evacuation of cars for Parking and photographic images of traffic violations

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