Mercedes-Benz GLC class facelift

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Mercedes-Benz GLC class facelift

April 27, 2018 08:14

Mercedes-Benz presented in 2015 the compact SUV GLC class and now finds it time for an update. The car gets all the external and inner characteristics of (even) fresher Mercedes products.

The GLC class was presented at the end of last year as F-Cell, but it seems that that car with the ‘old’ nose does not have a long life. The copy on these photos clearly shows that the headlights are new. Not only the layout, but also the shape of the lamp units is clearly on the shovel. The facelift of the GLC seems to be more radical than that of the C-class, with the differences only with a magnifying glass. In addition to new headlight units, we note a different grille and front bumper. There is not much going on at the back of the white one, but be sure that the rear lights are at least provided with a different LED signature.

However, the news is not finished yet, because the photographer has also been able to take a look at the inside. That is the first to see a new, broader infotainment screen. It is operated in the photographed car by means of a Mercedes’ touch pad, the control element without a knob that can also be found in the E-class and A-class. Finally, there is the now familiar new steering wheel, a three-spoke model with many (touch) buttons. The changes that apply to the ‘regular’ GLC will undoubtedly also be implemented at the GLC CoupĂ©. However, it is expected to take a year before the car makes its appearance. When it comes to that, Mercedes-Benz will also do it engine range to take a close look at.


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