Named 7 off-road cars, which changed the course of automobile history

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Market SUV constantly replenished with new models, which in many respects are good, but dilute the image of this SUV. Therefore, experts decided to recall the “all-terrain vehicles”, which changed the course of automobile history.

Named 7 off-road cars, which changed the course of automobile history

It all started with the Willys SUV. In the 1940s, the Americans decided to create a lightweight all-terrain vehicle for military purposes. The machine was commissioned by the army for only two months. In the competition for the creation of the car participated Willys-Overland Motors, Ford and American Bantam. As a result, after 60 days, the latter presented its prototype, but Willys paid “the right people” to make the “deadline” move for another 15 days. Further, Willys went to baseness and stole all the technical documentation from Bantam, created her prototype, as a result of which she won the contest. Willys SUVs have found wide application both in the US and abroad. For example, these cars were used in the protection of Marshal Zhukov. After the appearance of the Willys SUV, transport manufacturers began to look at cars in a different way, realizing that in vehicles with increased cross-country there is a need not only for the military but for the civilian population. In this regard, during the twentieth century there were models Land Rover Center Steer, Range Rover I, Nissan Patrol Y60, Toyota Land Cruiser 80, Mitsubishi Pajero II and Toyota RAV4. The enumerated machines set a “rhythm”, in which virtually all automakers of the world are now moving.

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