Nissan presents rugged Armada Mountain Patrol

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Nissan presents rugged Armada Mountain Patrol

April 19, 2018 08:47

Especially for the Overland Expo West – we had to look it up too – Nissan has developed a special Armada. But he is not finished yet.

The Overland Expo West is a big fair for the adventurous North American camper. Special Nissan developed the Aramda Mountain Patrol for that fair.

The Armada, also known as the current generation Patrol, looks as if you can actually camp with it anywhere. Nissan already shows two digital drawings of the Armada Mountain Patrol, on the final car we still have to for a bit to wait. Nissan has called in the help of its followers on the various social channels. Those followers are allowed to jointly determine which wrap the car will be folded precisely around its bodywork. They also determine which tent will get a spot on the roof. The rest of the car is on behalf of Nissan itself. We already see a set of rugged bumpers, a winch, a snorkel and special lighting.

Under the hood nothing is adjusted and that means that here again a 5.6-liter V8 is hiding that delivers 395 hp and 533 Nm. The eight-cylinder is coupled to a seven-speed automatic transmission that transfers the power all four divides the wheels. A serious production model? The Armada itself, the Mountain Patrol does not. A nice sign of the accessory department again.

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