On the “Island of dreams” can be passed on the best racetracks of the world

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On the "Island of dreams" can be passed on the best racetracks of the world

Indoor amusement Park “dream Island” with an area of 25 football fields — an unprecedented project in the world, which should be the pride not only of Moscow but of all Russia. At any time of the year you can relax with the whole family and visit the unique attractions.

As reported today by the press service of the Complex urban policy and construction of Moscow, on the “Island of dreams” will be the area of Motorsport with souvenir shops, cafes and special driving school for children. The main attraction of this zone will be a “coaster” using virtual reality technology. Racing track with a height of 11 m and a length of 210 m, and the space around it will be inspired by the world’s best racing tracks. To ride the attraction any visitor taller than 120 cm.

The opening “island of dreams” is scheduled for late summer of next year. It is expected that the Park will become one of the most popular places for Muscovites and guests of the capital.

To come to the “island of dreams” will be on the new 530-meter bridge over setepolotna Kozhukhovsky lane, which will connect the 2-nd Yuzhnoportovy passage with Prospekt Andropova.


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