Scientists have created color 3D-imaging

Scientists have created color 3D-imaging

New Zealand scientists have created color 3D x-ray, which you can use to see the insides of a person without a diagnostic surgery.

Conventional black and white apparatus for conducting x-ray examination was invented over a hundred years ago, and so far, the science in this area has significantly ahead not moving. Doctors can see through the pictures, only one kind of fabric. New x-ray views show fat and muscle, fluid and bone and creates techmeme image of the inner man.

The uniqueness of the device is that the basis for its creation, the scientists took the Medipix chip the Large hadron Collider, which has been observed in some studies. To begin to use this technology in medicine, the experts took about ten years.
Now, with the help of news you can get the individual parts of the body, however, soon scientists will modify the machine so that he could remove the body.

According to the creators of innovations, the invention causes the least harm to human health than conventional x-rays because his radiation level is extremely small. The novelty has already passed all the necessary tests, and will soon be available.


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