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What you need to know when buying a used car

It’s safe to say that many Russian families make the decision to buy a car, having on hand a limited amount. At this moment, a reasonable question arises:"To buy a new car, but lower grade, or to decide to buy used, but a class above?" Probably a definite answer to this question does not exist. […]

When will buying gasoline cars seem weird? Take our Twitter poll

Earth day is coming up—as it has every year since 1970—and we have a new question for readers this year: When will buying gasoline cars seem weird? Electric car advocates have been anticipating for years—decades, really—the day when plugging in will be more common than filling up. Now that the United States has a broad […]

New 2020 Lexus CT hatch to rival Tesla Model 3

Lexus is planning a radical successor to its CT hatch – and the newcomer could be offered as a pure-electric Tesla Model 3 rival, as well as a petrol hybrid, Auto Express can reveal. The existing CT is still being sold in several countries, including the UK, where its hybrid-only powertrains have given it an […]

Presents a sketch of the cross-cabriolet Skoda Karoq

This summer Skoda Academy students will demonstrate the world its new project — cross-cabriolet Skoda Karoq. The students posted their first design sketch of the open car. Add that conceptual Karoq Skoda Convertible Concept is a model, developed on the basis of a car of the Czech company, which removed the roof, rear doors and […]

Toyota Camry Hybrid luxury sedan gets upgraded for the Indian market

Even as Toyota is issuing threats of pulling the Camry Hybrid sedan out of the Indian market due to the high duty imposed on hybrid cars, the company has slipped in an upgraded version. The premium luxury sedan now gets a full makeover on the inside, along with new features. The external styling remains the […]