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Brand Aston Martin got a new designer exteriors

Konstantin Bolotov 2 days ago. Photo: Bugatti, Volkswagen A native of Germany age 38. Tobias studied at the University of Pforzheim, and then settled in volkswagenaudi design center in Potsdam. Suliman worked at the VW Group for more than ten years. The team of stylists under the direction of mark richman has been replaced. As […]

Moscow was called the most traffic city in Europe. You’re lying — said in the capital

Residents from the Russian capital lose probkah 91час vgodu, analysts believed. To compare, the si-NAV location London (73часа) iparis (65часов),that’s, Moscow is really a leader davnym margin. Furthermore, one Moscow, Russia netdeals: the ranking has additionally been found Krasnodar (5-th place 56часов), Saint Petersburg (7-th place 53часа), Sochi (8-th place 49часов) lower Novgorod (tenth place […]