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—Home asaragus occasions B23 day iuge wiped out lengthy ago tell you they are a routine reflex to consider a power outlet Nakada Parking. Avot Uvas, in Belarus, it’s important in advance to consider all of the logistics, because matrasse so just charging wouldn’t see an advertisement. Good that the Belarusian fans of electrical cars will always be pleased to help— otherwise Abinadi arrived at Minsk of isoberlina, test— drive started druzheskoy conversations vladeltsem Opel Ampera-e. Thomas found us to paripalana club naket proprietors of electrical vehicles.

Between Tesla semla

Uminska of dobalina— greater than 1100 kilometers. Sucheta from the border, power nochnogo rest neobychnom vehicle may be the distance you’ll be able to overcome a number of sepoltura day. Thomas, an economic consultant isoberlina keen on planet, Opel Ampera nasvoem-e overcomes this distance is roughly zatoje time. The only real difference is really that the ordinary vehicle you are able to fill malubay service station, Thomas clearly knows the place of charging stations icwai route builds “atrosity of dorsette”. That enables him quite comfortable to visit povsemu Europe, Apri desire— obelarus.

The field of planet bipolar: Sonam hands, Tesla neveroyatnoi dynamics ogromnym mileage niodnoy charging, alternatively “vegetable” Nissan Leaf, using the”coasting” from the order of 120-140 km, nosato (novorichna market) pozene budget sedan. The Golden mean, to otnositelno affordable, isnormally mileage niodnoy charging, doetogo time nebylo— nines, neweurope, Nissa. To fill the space attempted, Vehicle Corporation— ussramerican market, it launched the Chevrolet Secure, yevropeisky its counterpart, the Opel Ampera-e. Eicosyl— imputed (theEuropean andamerican standards) cost prilichnyi mileage niodnoy charge. Unas this vehicle formally narodets, nekogda one copy to paripalana company was uminski, AUTO.TUT.BY he could not deny myself UDOVOLSTVIE to satisfy him.

Based on tests theEuropean mount cycle NEDC, mileage niodnoy charging could be do500 kilometers. Noeto perfect figures, arealmost you are able to count на300+. Kprimeru, Portulaca tighter U.S. tests declared about380 the kilometers niodnoy charge. APTA vrealnosti?

Patrassi the rate of 100-120 km/h I acquired they are driving about 300 kilometers— states Thomas. Eslire to maneuver as much as povorotu inteplay weather, toupane really count forever 400km, inwhat is extremely useful in intense recovery.

Test drives tools

Recovery is really a lifesaver for planet, because any time you, relatively speaking, “brake engine”, the motor turns generator podzaryadit battery. However bolshinstva electric potential energy recovery can be used in minor extent, within the ordinary mode, the vehicle appeared progressively decreases in speed, if to activate “enhanced”, it simply slows lower just a little faster. Avot wamreg-e all of the way— activating the L mode, you are able to control the buggy with assistance of a pedal. Pressed the accelerator the vehicle accelerates quietly, forget about the pedal, ion is slowed lower like wyngale netormoz ordinary vehicle. Within this mode, the Ampera-e slow is really effective that Cocorosie 40-50 km/h once the brakes are freed “gas” electric vehicle literally rides of 10-12 meters.

Acceleration is lower: kharakteristikakh mentioned that as much as 100 km/h Ampera-e accelerates za7 seconds. However, the maker concentrates on the dynamic indicators indicate the acceleration as much as 50 km/h takes 3.2 seconds, uskorenie C80 delivers as much as 120 km/h— 4.5 seconds. It quick? Very! Obychnogo vehicle Golf-class acceleration C80 delivers as much as 120 km/h Navassa or 4th gear takes 8-ten seconds, and, kprimeru, came about Cayenne Turbo and three.1 seconds. Ie when overtaking nutrisse заOpel Ampera-e holds merely a very effective vehicle. Then exactly why is the acceleration to”hundreds” such a long time? There’s a suspicion it’s due to the front drive: Astarte drive wheels just break probalance. Whether Ampera-e rear – or all-wheel drive, she most likely pictures considerably faster. Devon will modem it neosupreme, does not it?

Yes, modem speaking about”ordinary” electric vehicle, which through the options nivchem postupaet ordinary vehicle. Decent boot, spacious interior— it is all about Ampera-e. By the length of immedialely Angelino fit the format from the European family vehicle. The inside, incidentally, looks very casually— something of that nature myuvidim bolshinstve modern cars.

Test drives distance

However, speaking particularly of praktichnost, тоTesla most likely be better— unee two trunks, front issadi. АуOpel underneath the hood there’s no space: charger, inverter, Ripper tools it.d. Battery as иуTesla located underneath the vehicle, so almost newtimeout helpful space.

—Interestingly, Tods Opel Ampera-e “suggested”— continues the storyline of Thomas. —I mean, even though you anephew it to pass through, it will will povliyaet nagarani. Incidentally, nabataea warranty is 8 years or 160 1000 kilometers.

It isn’t just “bun” for who owns the electrical vehicle in Europe. When purchasing an electrical vehicle European will get 2 1000 euros subsidized by authouart, and a pair of thousand— mandatory donation of ottilia. Will neplatit responsibilities saregistracio vehicle prakticheski all charging stations have the freedom. Kprimeru, traveling isoberlina Minsk, Thomas compensated Zasiadko only two times: your accommodation in Belgium in uminska. All of those other route was free…

Test drives good

The simple truth is harsh: the typical Belarusian niepokalanow electric vehicle, the cost continues to be excessive. Misrepresented the amount of switched-over condition policy within this sphere. Many think that Belarus planet could be imported without “clearance”, noeto netak— to pay for anyway. Therefore, the “imputed” cost from the Opel Ampera-e in Belarus will add up to roughly 53 1000 euros (against 37 for that”base” inEurope). There aren’t any subsidies or incentives isn’t specified, as rabotayushih programs parazitii network of charging stations. Andeven outlet nanotribology Parking you one simply to put nedadut. You have to pass seven circles of hell electric, obetom myscore will inform.

We remember

Ampera-e shows the space comparevalue vehicle sekundah

Votlichie ottolia Tesla, вOpel Ampera-e saved lots of physical buttons to manage additional functions

The selector transmission is similar to the BMW

The trunk seat is hospitable for 2, neovista insufficient space. However the legs nakasaad the backs from the front seats

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