Test Mazda CX-9. Part 3: down with stereotypes

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Test Mazda CX-9. Part 3: down with stereotypes

Find out what the Mazda CX-9 is not similar to its more traditional rivals in the class of full size crossovers.

It seems working on a second generation of its flagship CX-9 Japanese engineers “Mazda”, Japanese engineers from Hiroshima went against the true American tradition, which is followed by a full-size family crossover with a seven-seater salon. After all, most cars of this class, including Ford Explorer. The QX60 Infiniti, Hyundai Grand Santa Fe Toyota Highlander and the Mazda CX-9 is built with an eye on North America. Panoramamic the ocean is definitely space, lots of podstakanniki and all sorts of niches for small things, mighty aspirated low with six cylinders and a rich equipment.

By the way, the previous CX-9 partly fits this cliché, but the new flagship of the Mazda other. Salon “the Niners” did not create the feeling of a large car, the front seats are tight in Mazda6 cars, under the hood lurks a turboservice volume of 2.5 liters, and in the list of options, no massages, no ventilation, no electric steering column, not to mention beloved by Americans adjustment of the pedal. Perhaps this is why there is Mazda is inferior in sales and Ford and infiniti. In my opinion the Mazda is more correct to dub not with Explorer vans, and smooth as a barge QX60, and more congenial Kia Sorento Prime.

And do not rush to write off the CX-9, knowing that under the hood a five-meter crossover hides four-cylinder engine. Turboservice Skyactiv-G 2.5 T with the system (Dynamic Pressure Turbo — dual exhaust path to the turbine inlet) already pulls well from the bottom and shows a frisky acceleration. Due to the fact that maximum torque of 420 Nm is achieved at 2000 rpm in the CX-9 has no problems with overtaking neither in the city nor on the highway. “Automatic” switches smoothly and quickly, not reproach. This is the case when the number of speeds (automatic transmission in the CX-9’s six-speed) has no effect on the rate of fire. Appetite Mazda moderate. During the test the average consumption was around 11-12 liters per 100 km. So if Maslowski motor and inferior to the six-cylinder atmospherical, so it is only in sound. When overclocking there is no hint of a solid baritone thoroughbred V6. Instead, Mazda falsetto muttered something unintelligible, slightly whistling turbocharger.

But is managed by a five-meter machine almost as compact CX-5. Nine willing to follow behind the wheel, famously rebuilt and pleases the driver poured the correct force of the wheel. Of course, from the seven-seater CX-9 it’s silly to require acuity the true representatives of the zoom-zoom ideology like Мазды6 or the same CX-5, but compared with its competitors rulitsya nine on the automobile and just relaxed. No extra sharpness Mazda reliable and in flat and in steep turns.

As for comfort, then here is the CX-9 leaves a dual impression. On a good coating large crossover lulls smoothness and quietness in the cabin. Dozens of killograma noise insulation materials and double front glass did the trick — in the cabin of the CX-9 is really quiet. But get caught a 20-inch wheel disks with hole sharp edges as the veil of velvety smoothness breaks hard jolt, reminding the driver that Mazda still does not complain of bad roads. Not like “nine” and speed bumps. Getting a couple of kicks in the ass, pass their course, there is no desire to have any driver.

To the brakes CX-9 complaints. Mazda steadily slowing down from any speed. But the brake pedal should be used. At first it seems too cotton and uninformative. Understanding comes only through a few tens of kilometers. Also the list of equipment a useful system of automatic braking at urban speeds, designed to protect zasmotrevshihsya in the screen of your smartphone the driver from hitting a moving automobile.

To compare or not to compare cars with each other, this matter, but I think that in our case this makes no sense. Those who have set their sights on brutal Ford Explorer, are unlikely to look at a Mazda, not going to overpay for infiniti and contemptuous snort in the direction Sorento Prime.

Chose the Infiniti QX60, already with one foot in the premium, so not even going to look back at the remaining trio. The CX-9 is also their client and is willing to bet, statistically he is the youngest and most progressive of all. Aesthetics are important to him more than a couple of extra options, and besides, he’s still not over, as went the woman “treshka” BMW, which had to be sold after the family happened the next replenishment and the number of scooters with a bike in the trunk multiplied by two. Here it is waiting for the Mazda CX-9, which will he choose for a cool colorful design, comfortable interior and close to the cars manners.

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