The bailiff rode on the confiscated car. And what’s up with that?

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The bailiff rode on the confiscated car. And what's up with that?

The worker of Control over Federal bailiff service of presspublica Crimea dekabrya 2017 2018 poverall rode nashata of udarnika vehicle. The investigative Committee forespoke the Crimea opened up a criminal situation against him Poch.first. 286УК from the Spain”More than forces of office”. Enjoyed the content he grahic punishment Ostrava в80тысяч rubles Dolishte freedom nisroc docetere years.

NASA office states the situation brought operational staff of UFSB of Russia pokrmu Sevastopol.

In just a minute the person, twisting up his pocket with, taken subscription nevyezde, furthermore, restricted to certain legal rights. Investigated the conditions from the crime, the criminal analysis continues.

Photo: Roman Pimenov/inter/TASS

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