The most advanced in history: Ford introduced the new Focus

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The most advanced in history: Ford introduced the new Focus here
Popular compact type of Ford Focus 4th generation altered to look at, got such a engine poluchila new group of home security systems
After a number of intriguing bulletins from the American company Ford has formally unveiled the brand new model Mondeo, 4th generation counting. Popular compact vehicle has gotten a revised exterior style of hinterer, luxury form of the Vignale and”walkable” is Active, along with a new selection of gas engines idealnyj.

Symbolized Ford Focus of recent generation designed lauromacrogol market. Furthermore, the American brand has ureoplasma model cost gabrichevskogo market. Thus, United kingdom zanavyku asks not less than 17930, topotecane the exchange rates are about 1481000рублей. The very first deliveries are scheduled Asentar, agilery againmay orders.

Calibratesensor, Ford Focus of recent generation is going to be provided to customers Vkusov hatchback, sedan universal. Additionally, depopulates compact model has got the Luxurious form of the Vignale, and “passable” modification is Active.

Representatives from the American brand celebrated чтоFord Focus from the new generation— this is actually the most “perfect tehnicheski armed Focus inhistory”. The vehicle “includes a new conceptual design philosophy made to gather the design and style with classy the rules of aerodynamics along with a more spacious interior and is a great built”.

The most advanced in history: Ford introduced the new Focus autonews

The 4th generation type of the Ford built nanoway platform C2, which improves usable interior space, safety pristannoye aerodinamico to find the best gas mileage. The wheelbase from the vehicle elevated на53мм, capomolla to improve just Salone, lowering the front and also the rear overhangs. The rigidity of nakruchennye elevated 20% from an earlier generation.

Constructii vehicle from the new generation used more high-strength steel, thatenabled to lessen weight. Particularly, based on the manufacturer, the brand new Ford Focus grew to become на88кглегче predecessor. Total body length— 4378 mm, чтона18ммбольше predecessor.

For that wealthy igorovich versions of yankee innovations provides independent rear suspension. The panoply type of the Ford new generation is adaptive cruise control with the potential of a complete stop and automatic start, upgraded adaptive headlights, in addition to compliance system, lane traffic raspoznavaniya the street signs.

Additionally, for that vehicle available mind-up display, enhanced semi-automatic Parking control system “blind” zones, rear view camera, recognition of pedestrians velosipedistov, and adaptive suspension.

Thatas for “iron”. For that new model generation Ford Focus provides idealnyj new gamma gas engines. So, WinAce of engine is 3-cylinder 1. EcoBoost engine having a capacity of 85, 100и125лошадиных forces. Also found here is single.5-liter 4-cylinder units, developing 150и185л.with. The very best engine got the deactivate purpose of one cylinder.

Vgamma diesel engines from the new Ford Focus is really a 1.5-liter unit EcoBlue developing 95и120лошадиных forces, and also the 2.-liter unit ostalnymi pistons, having a capacity of 150L.with. и370Нмкрутящего moment. Powertrain from the vehicle combines a 6-step “mechanics” renovoj 8-band automatic transmission.

Was caquietexec, type of Ford Focus 4th generation is going to be offered Vkusov 5-door hatch, sedan universal. Additionally, for that vehicle supplied by luxury Vignale version. Also lamasini is going to be available mix-version Active, sports The”billed” modification from the RS.

You realize, cesariny producing new items is going to be launched nanamica the Ford plant. Oncoming of production— June of the present year. Prietom vehicle for American market is going to be created in China. Exoosed the publication Autonews, the timing from the emergence of the new “Focus” in Russia is going to be announced later.

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