The network mocked the old UAZ

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The network mocked the old UAZ

On the road, you can find a lot of funny situations that can cause a smile. The cause for it was and UAZ, seen on the streets of Voronezh.

The vigilant driver saw on the road and photographed the van “UAZ” (popularly called “Loaf”) in a rather unusual appearance. The picture immediately got into the social network and overgrown with a lot of caustic user comments.

So, in the photo UAZ with skewed top and rear doors is imprinted. So that they do not open on the way, the driver dressed them with improvised materials.

Someone from the user signed the photo as follows: “scrap metal is scrap metal for scrap.” Some compared the photographed sample with the machine-transformer Optimus-Prime.

One of the users noted that the skewing could be caused by the imperfect construction of the frames of the body of the “Loaf”. Therefore, such distortions are considered a normal phenomenon.

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