The new Lexus ES: the first photos and videos. It looks like the Camry for the rich

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The new Lexus ES: the first photos and videos. It looks like the Camry for the rich

Over the past three decades, Lexus in the business class there were two sedans — the ES and GS, but the last rumored, may disappear from the model line as unpopular. In Russia at the moment is only offered sporty Lexus GS-F — last year, he found the domestic market only 9 customers, while the ES — 1668. The key for a Lexus. the us market the gap is also huge: in 2017, the dealers of the brand sold a 51 398 ES sedans only 7773 instance GS.

“Chip” Lexus GS — base rear wheel drive and longitudinal arrangement of the power unit, but buyers of these sports inclinations did not appreciate, and now for the whole business-class Lexus will take the rap front-wheel drive ES is installed across the motor. However, the so-called active drivers do not have to feel deprived the brand Lexus, the new ES according to preliminary data, will receive and all-wheel drive modification and the TNGA platform on which it is built, is already well established in the journalism environment on the example of the Camry — many of my colleagues agree that in comparison with the predecessor the car became much nicer to drive.

Range of power units of the Lexus ES seventh generation will largely overlap with that of the new Toyota Camry: on top of the expected range of atmospheric 3.5-liter V6 power of 300 HP of Course, will have the new premium business sedan and hybrid version but whether they will get to Russia until the matter. Date of start of sales is also yet to be announced, but most likely, the car will appear at dealers by the end of this year.

Photo: Lexus

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