The new special model UAZ Patriot: now orange (and tuning in the law)

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The new special model UAZ Patriot: now orange (and tuning in the law)

Literally yesterday it increased to get known thefootball special type of UAZ Patriot, UAZ Segodnya reported obese among a distinctive quantity of his Vehicle and forwarding.

Initially the completely new version was expected a year ago: in november UAZ received the application from the vehicle type with nomachine equipment Lalumiere extreme rides.

So itake Off-Road winch include octopus 9000 Sports the defense rods, rubber astatna switched into toothy tires BFGoodrich All-Terrain. Nacrite came out forwarding a large part, round the back door— stairs narisu, komplektaciju have factory tow bar, differential lock rear axle as well as the defense thresholds. All additional products are certified ustanavlivaetsya navagaradak right nazavode the whole process of vehicle Setup. Nachtomi niukogo left undoubtedly of osobennosti this version, nautically door label came out a distinctive series.

The new special model UAZ Patriot: now orange (and tuning in the law)

Furthermore, inpart equipment: ac, multi-media with 7-inch screen with navigacia (pre-installed maps of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukrainian), additionally to additional passenger compartment heater. Finally, only sparsely pleateu will probably be accessible in 2 new colors: orange as well as the eco-friendly. A completely new special model UAZ Patriot is considered at 1039990 RUB.

In this particular wolanowski condition the expedition type of the Patriot is just the starting point in the whole kind of particularly prepared cars Lalumiere active lifestyle. Already with this particular year needs to be a completely new sparsely UAZ.

Expediciones nabaze UAZ Patriot was already simple to order dilerov plant napervile live cars look unih only inmay.

Photo: UAZ

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