The policeman did not reach out to Bastrykin

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The policeman did not reach out to Bastrykin

The Department of insurance in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO) completed pre-analysis checks around the fact of application towards the mind from the investigative Committee from the Russian traffic police from the region Sergey Ivanov.

A relevant video message from captain Ivanov has printed on its Youtube funnel on Feb 26.

Inside it, the inspector were not impressed with corruption and abuse among its leaders.

The option of the recipient Bastrykin, he described “the possible lack of response in the regional United kingdom, and the possible lack of reaction within the direction written appeals online of IC Russia.”

Statement of principle the traffic COP caused a stir in media today, it looked almost 34 1000 people.

“Working I’ve frequently reported towards the management not just about the details of several violations within the activities from the traffic police of Surgut, but additionally concerning the details of corruption in physiques of GAI. However, based on the details wasn’t only transported the routine checks, however these details are simply glossed over and brought measures to concealment from the details through the leadership from the traffic police at that time. I believe this is exactly why I grew to become objectionable to management, namely the Deputy chief of traffic police of Surgut, Lieutenant Colonel of police Eugene Duhovnikov, because he frequently explained, verbatim, “which will place a spoke within my wheel”. I required it so that he’ll take all possible measures to get rid of me not just in the publish of commander, but additionally using the traffic police Surgut whatsoever.

Subsequently against me opened up a criminal situation, and also the foundation for the institution of proceedings and also the preliminary analysis was the statement of the citizen Rusakova, which arrived the mail”,

— stated Ivanov. Within this situation, most Rusakov investigators, he stated, to locate it and unsuccessful.

Based on Ivanov, at acquaintance with criminal situation materials, he came attention that the signature and handwriting Rusakova have resemblance using the handwriting and signature Duhovnikov. “My arguments derive from two conducted handwriting research, where specialists within the conclusion established that the signature aspect of the citizen Rusakov, along with the signature around the envelope, delivered to the Prosecutor from the Khanty – Ugra, have coincidences using the signature and handwriting from the Deputy chief OGIBDD UMVD of Russia across Surgut police Colonel Duhovnikov.

That’s, right now I’ve every need to think that the Deputy chief of traffic police from the Local clergy, made the statement on account Rusakov, signed it, partially by altering his signature, authored and filled the envelope, attach the recording from patrol vehicles, and sent it to SK KHMAO

that which was later the foundation for the holding against me the preliminary analysis, and subsequently the excitation concerning me criminal situation,” – stated the inspector from the truth-teller.

Your suspicion concerning the falsification of statements on account Rusakov COP voiced in statements towards the County of SC and also the Prosecutor, but reactions for them weren’t.

Check statements Ivanova instructed personally through the mind of SK Alexander Bastrykin – the related message was printed on 28 Feb. “Alexander Bastrykin has instructed relevant units from the Central office to determine the work of the subordinates in the area, have you ever received such demands towards the investigating government bodies and just how could it be audited, and immediately to do an audit around the essence from the message concerning the crime and also the outcomes of verification to create authorized and reasonable decision”,- noted in pr release SC.

Throughout the test, its term was extended until March 30. Around the disappointing for captain Ivanov, the end result from the proceedings “Газете.Ru” told the state associated with regional control over SK Alina Nikiforova.

“In the address, Ivanov reported concerning the falsification from the chief of OGIBDD UMVD of Russia across Surgut Duhovnikov statements on account Rusakova, that is offered at the types of materials from the criminal situation against Ivanov within the abuse of power. Particularly, Ivanov reports that Local clergy have signed the statement and mail the envelope to transmit it, she stated the complaint.- During check it’s revealed that within the criminal situation against Ivanov within the abuse of power there’s an announcement with respect to the Rusakova, which reported about illegal actions of Ivanova. When staring at the materials from the criminal situation, the indictment to him, the claim on account Rusakov wasn’t identified by the investigator physical evidence. Additionally, this statement wasn’t the main reason and grounds for excitation of criminal situation”.

The investigators conducted a handwriting study of a postal envelope. “Based on the conclusions of expert handwriting notes around the mail envelope isn’t Duhovnikov, not Ivanov, and the other person (or persons)”,- stated Nikiforov.

The make an effort to identify a signature, an announcement under standing Rusakova also not effective. “The expert stated concerning the impracticality of performing a comparative study since the study signature and also the specimen signatures Duhovnikov E. V. and Ivanova S. V. contain azbukovnik touches, plus they don’t have the same graphs for comparative research”,- noted in SK.

Within the finish, reviewers figured that “proof of the Commission of the crime isn’t received”.

“By outcomes of check 30.03.2018 made a decision about refusal in excitation of criminal situation based on article 303 from the criminal code (falsification of evidence) for the reason established by clause 1 part 1 article 24 UPK the Spain, that’s, even without the case of the required crime, and also on the causes established by clause 2 part 1 article 24 UPK the Spain regarding the absence in actions of Duhovnikov composition from the specified crime”- have concluded in SK.

About outcomes of check captain Ivanov has learnt in the correspondent “Газеты.Ru”. Next, he personally known as the investigator, that he responded, Ivanov already sent the related letter. The COP really wants to watch for the official response in the United kingdom after which determines their next steps.

About Sergei Ivanov “Газета.Ru” I authored in may 2017, annually after the start of his misadventures. In April 2016, the entire year the organization commander on his break he dared to carry a really complicated driver, the boy of former mind of traffic police from the region Sergey Algazin, Junior. The offspring of high-ranking policeman has arranged any sort of accident, thus, presumably was pretty drunk – passing Ivanov was called towards the host to his subordinates, to set up everything because it should.

However, some of the crew, despite direct orders to the organization commander, was unable to implement the “purge” Algazin. One wasn’t a breath analyzer, along with a different outfit altogether disappeared from Ivanova around the bypass road, in which the captain found him. Thus the arrested boy of former mind of traffic police within the cabin vanished. Additionally, the recording surveillance system set up in the cabin from the patrol vehicle, there wasn’t any memory stick using the recording of detention.

“Around the DVR were visible indications of forced entry, scratches some. The truth is escape the map of memory are only able to the management team, with a special key and ordinary employees needed to hack the unit. I requested the inspectors, where’s the drive, they are doing, obviously, couldn’t answer, was only red was silent, — was told last year “Газете.Ru” Ivanov stated. —

Within the finish, the problem was hushed up, Algazin to justice aren’t attracted”.

That’s Ivanov’s persistent tries to acquire a fair trial, in the opinion, and caused sharp attacks Duhovnikov, and all sorts of further trouble. Inside a month following the incident at Ivanov’s “hung,” three of the disciplinary offense. However, in principle the captain, who suspected that in this manner it’s attempting to provide the dismissal, challenged them making the cancellation.

Eventually in may 2017 Ivanov opened up a criminal situation for abuse of authority throughout the arrest of some other driver.

Based on investigators, in may 2016 in Surgut police went after declined to supply the documents from the offender. Following a lengthy chase, the motive force unsuccessful to prevent. During stringent arrest, that was caught on video, Ivanov allegedly two times hit a passenger vehicle feet. However, Ivanov states he made it happen once arrested the person struck him two blows within the groin.

“The following day, me Deputy chief was called, demonstrated a relevant video and requested: “the thing is what you are doing? And today recall the story and Algainas,” stated Ivanov then. Within the finish, within the excited captain criminal situation point out that the officer got two shots in the passenger, no.

In confirmation of his words, Ivanov printed the identical video from the arrest. It really is easy to distinguish the first hit the captain will it detain the person.

Simultaneously, knowing through the roller, the reckless violence towards the a lot more applied colleagues Ivanov, however in the United kingdom no claim in some way came about.

Similar scandals within the regional offices of traffic police frequently occur. Earlier “Газета.Ru” told an identical story of “the candid policeman” from another city in Khanty – Mansiysk- Nizhnevartovsk. Then your inspector Sergey Laskin gave an intense proof that his leadership from the “hushed” situation of two drunk motorists, including current officials, but all his appeals about this susceptible to the leadership from the security agencies demonstrated fruitless. Within the finish Laskin ignored in the interior Ministry “for Commission of the act discrediting the recognition and dignity of the officer,” and uncovered them offenders retained their driving licence.

Not such a long time ago “Газета.Ru” spoken about a scandalous situation in Krasnodar, where lately laid-off policemen got on reception towards the mind of traffic police of Russia Mikhail Chernikov and told concerning the massive abuse in your home Department. Particularly the ex-employees told they themselves needed to buy “emergency lights” on their own cars and spend the money for user for the best to ride on the technically seem patrol cars. Shocked through the story of ex-COP Chernikov has dispatched inspectors.

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