There were photos of the prototype Lincoln Aviator

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There were photos of the prototype Lincoln Aviator

Photospin filmed tests Lincoln Aviator.

The first time, the SUV appeared before the public in March of this year at the auto show in new York. Now, however, reporters photographed this car almost completely dressed in camouflage.

What can we say about the future novelty. Lincoln Aviator will provide a hybrid setup that combines a gasoline V6 and an electric component, which will be responsible for rear-wheel drive.

From the photos appearance Aviator there is almost complete similarity with the prototype, which showed in March. The outlines of the headlights and grilles leave a reminder of the Navigator, however, increased rear row of lights.

From the contours of the cab photospin managed to consider only the display in the form of a tablet. Naturally, it will support Bluetooth, Mobile Apps and other important apps.

It is assumed that a complete version of the Aviator can come to the auto show in Detroit in January next year. In 2019, maybe will start off.

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