Toyota Suzuki will help in the development of efficient motors

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Toyota Suzuki will help in the development of efficient motors

Leonid Popov, 5 hours ago. Photo: Suzuki, Toyota

The most recent collection of aggregates is called Suzuki Boosterjet. Here is version 1.4 with direct injection and turbocharging to the hatch Swift Sport. It produces 140 HP and 230 N•m.

In 2017, Toyota and Suzuki entered into a business Alliance involving mutual assistance in various fields, including in the design and manufacture of products. Since then a Memorandum of understanding gradually began to acquire parts, for example, the agreement on joint venture for electric in the Indian market. And now followed one more step: running the discussion of joint projects in the field of technological development, assistance in production and expanding markets.

Toyota Suzuki will help in the development of efficient motors

The pride of the Toyota line “atmosferico” Dynamic Force Engines (the engine 2.0). The thermal efficiency, depending on version, up to 41%, and the compression ratio to 14:1. Features: laser cladding valve seat, water pump with independent drive, direct injection and variable phase, a network of cross-Mikrokanala on the skirts of the pistons created by the laser.

It is expected that Suzuki will begin to develop your own Metroeconomica compact motors of the new generation with technological support from Toyota Corporation and Denso (it is partly owned by Toyota). Other area: Indian daughter Toyota — Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) will produce models developed in Suzuki for sale in India through the network as a brand Toyota, and Suzuki. Invited to discuss and supply of CDs, again invented by Suzuki and manufactured in India (including a firm TKM), to Africa and then to other markets. Similarly, to sell them there as scheduled through the dealer from Suzuki, and Toyota. Such cooperation will strengthen positions of both companies in these regions.

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