Volvo is expanding XC40 production

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Volvo is expanding XC40 production

May 24, 2018 10:49

The Volvo XC40 can look forward to a warm public interest from its introduction, but according to Volvo it has exceeded expectations. That is why production in both Ghent and China is expanded.

"The success of the XC40 exceeds even our highest expectations", says Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson. ‘His’ company has received 80,000 orders for its smallest SUV since the introduction of the XC40 and, according to its own say, seeks to further increase production at both locations.

The production line started in the Belgian city of Ghent in November 2017. As Volvo in an extremely popular segment had the XC40 never to complain about attention and when the model was also elected Car of the Year, used to be the fence all the way from the dam.

That also recognizes Volvo Netherlands. "The attention around the XC40 is certainly fueled after the Car of the Year result. Not only because the car won, but also because it simply became clear that the model is there", declares the importer on request. Sales numbers are also above expectations in the Netherlands: "The waiting time before specifically composite copies quickly increased to 9 months. It is also typically Swedish to preserve prognostic, so it is good that this is now being adjusted". How many so-called strange brand drivers attract the car exactly dares not to say the Dutch ‘distributor’ at the moment of speaking, but according to the company it is a product with which Volvo emphatically addresses a new target group.


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