What you need to know when buying a used car

What you need to know when buying a used car

It’s safe to say that many Russian families make the decision to buy a car, having on hand a limited amount. At this moment, a reasonable question arises:"To buy a new car, but lower grade, or to decide to buy used, but a class above?"

Probably a definite answer to this question does not exist. And if you decide to go for buying a new car, it’s possible you’ll appreciate a few tips from auto experts.

The most favorable period in terms of quotations in the Russian market of new cars is considered to be December-January. At this time, the dealers arrange all sorts of promotions and offer various discounts.

Also at this time, dealers are trying to get rid "stale" product and easier to bargain.

In the case when decided to buy its own car, you need to remember a few main points. First, we need to be very careful while choosing a used car, because among the sellers quite a lot of dishonest people who can easily afford "wind up" the speedometer, or to hide the fact that the car had been in an accident.

Therefore, choosing a car at the best backed by expert support.

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